University Of Alabama Growing Larger Every Year


With enrollment rates at the University of Alabama rapidly rising, incoming freshmen and potential students need to get organized by researching the school and area around their campus. Most students have already selected a major or at least have an idea of the type of courses they want to take in their first year. Statistics shows that over 50% of college graduates in the U.S. wound up changing their major at least once throughout earning their degree. All new and existing students are encouraged to research the different career options that UAH has to offer.

Counselors and course planners are always available to provide you with information on the different majors available at the University. It is recommended that all incoming students select a few majors to choose from as backups in the event that, during their education, they decide to switch paths; taking courses for multiple majors will ensure that, should you switch, you will not lose time and effort by taking un required courses. It also offers you the chance to complete some of the prerequisites required for sophomore level and higher classes, even in the event that you switch majors.

High school and freshmen students should strive to complete as many scholarship applications as they can. There is no telling what will happen in your financial future; because of this, it is highly beneficial to receive as much financial assistance in your initial years as possible. For most high school students, this will also relieve the financial burden of college from being placed on your parents.

Additionally, receiving scholarships shows initiative and employers love to see scholarships on your resume. This is especially the case for those aspiring to obtain a master’s degree; the coursework and tuition costs for masters are much more expensive than graduate school. Current students are encouraged to look continuously for new scholarships and financial assistance opportunities.

For non-residents looking to go to UAH, you’ll need to get a lay of the land before your first day of classes. Even most residents of Alabama, who have been accepted by the university wind up living in dorms or get their place near campus. There are many apartments for rent in Mobile AL but if you don’t act fast, you won’t find a place to live.

The freedom life on your own is many students’ first opportunities to learn the ropes of adulthood. Most new students bring their parents with them to help them, unpack, get settled in, and learn the area. The first few weeks before school starts are always very hectic as thousands of students begin their nine-month stay on campus. For the smoothest transition, new students should try to move in about a month before starting class; if you can’t do this, at least shoot for a week, you’ll be glad you did. Getting settled in before everyone else also allows those needed to find a job to beat the rush. As students flood to the areas around college campuses, local businesses quickly fill up their empty positions. In certain areas, it’s hard to find a job a month after classes have begun.