Mobile AL Restaurants You Really Should Visit If You Get The Chance

Mobile AL has a few different nicknames, and one of them is Azalea City. Do you like azaleas? They are beautiful flowers, and Mobile is a beautiful city. It is also one of those cities that when you find yourself there, you better stop for a meal somewhere. You are going to eat real good in Mobile. Get ready to enjoy a bite to eat at one of these three restaurants in The Port City.

Mediterranean Sandwich Company is one good spot to stop for a meal. Reviews say this place isn’t fancy, but it’s cute and has great food and great service. A gyro, fries and a drink is what many people talk about ordering in the reviews. This type of cuisine is also not what you would expect to be mentioned first up in Mobile, but that’s why I wanted to mention it. It may not be barbecue or soul food, but it’s delicious. Mediterranean Sandwich Company is currently the #5 ranked restaurant in Mobile.

Dick Russel’s BBQ is another popular restaurant for dining out in Mobile AL, and it is on Highway 90 West. Order up some sliced pork, homemade sausage, steaks, cobbler and much more. Reviewers say that the biscuits are made fresh and that the place also has homemade jam. You can also eat breakfast there, so it’s not just a lunch and dinner barbecue joint.

Joe Cain Cafe is on North Royal Street, and it is known for its pizza, nachos, coconut martinis and more. Shrimp tacos are another menu favorite. The reviewers really talk up those coconut martinis, too. If I were the one in Mobile looking for a good restaurant right now, my first stop would have to be the barbecue place. It would be a good pick, but the other two Mobile AL restaurants would be, too.