Fun Facts About the State of Alabama

Alabama is an American State located on the southeastern side of the country. It is surrounded by Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. And with quite a bit of individuals living within the state, Alabama is the 24th most populated state within the United States.

Alabama has a few different nicknames, such as the “Yellowhammer State.” It is called this due to the state bird being the yellowhammer, otherwise known as the northern flicker. Other nicknames of Alabama include the “Cotton State” and “Heart of Dixie.”

The state tree of Alabama is the longleaf pine, and the Camellia is the flower of the state. Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. However, the city within Alabama with the largest population of people is Birmingham, which is also the most industrialized.

Alabama is full of plants and animals that call the state home. In fact, Alabama is fifth in the country when it comes to diversity of flora. Currently, it is home to 4,000 spermatophyte and pteridophyte species. As far as animals that reside within the state, there are over 62 species of mammals, 93 species of reptiles, 73 amphibian species, approximately 307 species of native freshwater fish, and 420 species of birds that reside in Alabama throughout the year or a part of the year.

Alabama sees quite a bit of tourism, as well. It has been estimated that the state receives over 20 million visitors per year. 100,000 and more of these annual visitors are tourists from other countries. The most popular areas of tourism within Alabama include Rocket City, beaches along the Gulf, and the capital (Montgomery).

In conclusion, Alabama is a state that is rich with life and culture. If you have not visited the state, we recommend planning a vacation there this beautiful summer.